The Laser Shack

A year ago we made the big move overseas from The Netherlands to Australia. It has been quite an adventure already and we are still experiencing new and exciting things. And so far we are loving everything about it!

We started our journey with an amazing two month trip in our small camper. We traveled from Adelaide, over the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne and all the way to Sydney. We saw the whitest beach in the world, hiked up mountains, petted kangaroos and enjoyed happy dolphins splashing around.

After settling back down in Adelaide, it was time to start making plans about our future. We decided it was time to make arrangements to start a new laser cutting company. In The Netherlands we were already selling our GeoZoo products (geometric animal wall art) under the name Ellen Coff, but it was time to expand and even buy our own laser cutting machine!

It took a lot of research but we finally decided to go for a Trotec Rayjet r500 laser cutting and engraving machine! A big investment but really reliable and sturdy. It even has a glass AND ceramic laser tube! With a 130 by 90 cm cutting area and the two tubes, the machine itself is huge! We fixed up the old rat-ridden shack in the backyard and made it in to an amazing light and insulated workshop. The machine takes up more than a quarter of the space but we are really happy with it, that’s why we decided to call the company The Laser Shack!

We have a lot of ideas and are really excited about starting this business in Australia!